iPhone Not Connecting To Car Stereo After iOS 4.2 Upgrade

Every new iOS update seems to be causing some issue or the other with respect to establishing connection with car stereos. Several iPhone users had reported having problems with pairing up their device with a car stereo after upgrading to iOS 4.0 earlier this year. While this was apparently resolved with iOS 4.1, that update brought another issue with many users observing intermittent crackling noises.

With the release of iOS 4.2 (actually iOS 4.2.1 ), problems seem to have cropped up once again. Several users have been complaining that they are having trouble connecting their iPhone to a car stereo over USB. Connecting a device displays a “Device not supported” or “Unreadable” message instead.

At the moment, Apple has not offered an official acknowledgement of the issue. However, there are some reactions from users who have been able to get some details about the issue.

“I have spoken to my local Volvo dealership and they are aware of the issue, and claim that Volvo have raised the issue with Apple and are awaiting a response. Not sure whether that will have much effect – but at least they are aware. Volvo are expecting an Apple patch to solve the issue rather than a car based fix – so we may have to wait for the next iOS update.”

Now that’s sad news since the next iOS update is not expected until mid-December at the least.