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iPhone Mobile Social Networking With iOS 4.3 Update

Apple looks set to roll out another iOS update before the Verizon iPhone hits the store on the 10th of next month.  Those who have gotten their hands to the developer beta version of iOS 4.3 have already been discovering new features like personal mobile hotspot that appears to be made available on the new iOS update.

An interesting discovery is that of a feature called ‘Find my friends‘ on iOS 4.3. While we have no clue about what this feature could eventually turn out to be, indications are that this could be a MobileMe service that could work similar to Google Latitude and could let users check out the location of their iPhone toting friends at any given time.

At the risk of sounding preposterous, the launch of a ‘Find my friends‘ service could also mean that Apple is looking at building some sort of social networking among iPhone users on the mobile front. The company already attempted a network among music lovers with Ping, that incidentally did not bring much success. It will be interesting to see how this new feature fares.

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