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iPhone OS 4.1 To Unify iPhone With iPad

Despite running on the same OS, the iPhone and iPad are caught up in different versions, each incapable of being compatible with the other. While iPad runs on iPhone OS 3.2, it is being speculated that the next generation iPhone shall run on iPhone OS 4.0; which is expected to be launched in the summer of this year.

According to a recent report on the Loop, the period between the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4G is not sufficient enough to expect an iPad compatible iPhone to launch. This could mean that an OS compatible with both iPhone and iPad could launch not earlier than the iPhone OS 4.1 version – expected by the end of this year or early next year.

While this is purely speculation on part of Loop, we are quite skeptical. For one, the iPad has been in the making for quite sometime and it is likely that the iPhone OS for the next generation iPhone has derived a lot of technology from work done for the iPad. This leads to a possible unification as early as June of this year.

What are your thoughts?

[via The Loop]

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