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iPhone Data Plans Comparison : AT&T Vs. Verizon

Until now, all iPhones in the United States were on just one carrier which meant there was nothing much to choose from as far as data plans were concerned. That has changed now with the imminent launch of a Verizon iPhone. Now, American iPhone customers have two carriers and an equal number of alternatives to pick from. So here is a comparison of offers from AT&T and Verizon.

Data Plans

Web access is one of the primary tasks of smartphones and Verizon has priced their data plans quite aggressively. Users can avail 150MB of data at a monthly price of $15. Additional data can be purchased in packets of 150MB – each costing $15. Alternately, users can also choose to go with unlimited data plans at $30 a month.

In comparison, while AT&T’s basic plan – 200MB at $15 (with additional 200MB for $15) – looks attractive, the carrier however does not have an unlimited data option. Instead, users have to pay $25 for a 2GB data plan and also pay $10 for every additional GB of data consumed.

Tethering Plan

Tethering is cheaper on Verizon. Users get 5GB worth data tethering at a price of $30. AT&T users on the other hand get 2GB of data tethering at $45. Do note that the $45 is just for enabling the tethering option and does not come with any extra data.

What plan are you going for?

3 replies on “iPhone Data Plans Comparison : AT&T Vs. Verizon”

we don’t know what the data will be for the verizon iphone so this story is BS for now, when they tell us what there iphone data plan will be then we can talk 1/14/11 11:58am

Actually Verizon Data Tethering plans are 30.00 on top of the unlimited data which is 30 so that makes 60. at&t is 25 for datapro and 20 for tethering so that is 45. Cheaper then Verizon and no one needs more then 2gb of data. if you do then you are on your phone way to much. Also Verizon data plans for the iPhone are not yet announced but it is rumored to be between 20 for the small data limit all the way up to 120 for the enterprise email data plan with tethering i would assume. The VZW iPhone isn’t the same as the AT&T it will be much slower then AT&T’s iPhone and you can only do one thing at a time unlike AT&T’s. Why not have the fastest mobile phone on the nations fastest mobile broadband network. period. AT&T will def win this one and i see vzw network crashing once they get 2mil iPhones on it. CDMA Can’t handle the traffic at&t gets with iPhone users. GSM is the best way and the iPhone on VZW isn’t LTE. Just CDMA. ugh dead technology.

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