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iPhone Alarm Bug – Malfunction Reports On New Year Day

Yet another bug with the iPhone alarm. A number of iPhone users seem to have overslept on New Year’s day thanks to a bug in the alarm app that has caused non-recurring one-off alarms to malfunction. Users have complained that their alarms failed to ring in at the scheduled time since moving into the new year. There is a workaround for the time being – set the alarm in recurring mode which however means you will have to disable it after you wake up in order to stop the alarm from ringing again the next day.

For what it’s worth, reports note that the bug only works if the phone clock actually ticks over from 11:59 PM on December 31 to 00:00 on January 1. Also, the bug seems to autocorrect itself after January 3. This means it is just a minor hassle for those of you looking to set alarms for January 1.

Did you notice this iPhone bug? Tell us in the comments.

7 replies on “iPhone Alarm Bug – Malfunction Reports On New Year Day”

This is an annoying bug. And it hit me twice in one day…. At least now I know the workaround… How can Apple have two alarm bugs within less than 3 months???

Im a cabin crew, I set my alarm for my 5:45am sign on after new year’s eve. I almost miss my flight and might miss my job for this! Thankgoodness the crewing phoned and woke me up and just went straight away at the aircraft without our usual crew briefing.

I missed my 8am flight on Jan 2 due to this alarm malfunction and it cost me $469 to get a new ticket that would get me to Miami in time for the Orange Bowl. Wonder if Apple will reimburse me? Ha! That is the LAST time I’ll rely on my iPhone alarm without backup. C’mon Apple where’s the QC??

This happened to me. When I woke up and realized the alarm hadn’t gone off, I continued to reset the alarm but it never went. Thought I would be going to the Apple Store until my husband told me the problem had been reported on the news. Fortunately, my oversleeping didn’t cost me anything. Will this happen again? And why would iPhone alert us to the problem?

Anne, Apple has acknowledged the problem and has said there should not be any more issue.

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