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8MP Camera On iPhone 5G – Already!

I am sometimes skeptical about analysts and their predictions. Somehow, their “inside sources” always seem to know more than what they should be. And here is one more rumor that keeps the skeptic in me alive and kicking.

Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar has “revealed” that Apple is already working on the features for its fifth generation iPhone due for release in the middle of 2011 and that the company shall be offering an 8 megapixel camera in this model. All this sounds fine, except that Ashok Kumar has also unearthed information that Sony shall be manufacturing the 8 megapixel camera chip.

The last bit of news is interesting. While I may not be in the business of procurement, I doubt Apple has already started awarding contracts for a device to be out over 15 months from now. While it is possible that Ashok Kumar’s sources have revealed that Sony is one of the companies that Apple is talking to, it is unbelievable that the contract is already awarded for iPhone 5G. Imagine the cost variations that can happen between now and then!

[via The Street]

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