iPhone 5 Posing a Serious Threat to Verizon iPhone 4?

Yes, the queues outside Apple’s stores are getting thinner and thinner. Is it because, the iPhone 5 is out soon or is it because most customers have bought their phones online. When compared to the queues AT&T got to saw outside their stores last year on and after the days the iPhone 4 was released, we can safely say that Verizon has not had any trouble dealing with large numbers in queues as there weren’t any.

Two things that most people are looking forward to this eagerly this summer are the much awaited iPad 2 and a rumored iPhone 5 which would come out on Verizon and AT&T together. So, most Verizon customers are waiting for June month before taking a decision about switching to an iPhone.

Whatever may happen, the pre-release hype that surrounded Verizon iPhone 4 is definitely not happening.