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Next Generation iPhone To Feature Enhanced Image Processing Features?

Apple is learned to have filed a number of patent applications that are targeted at enhancing the functionalities available on the iPhone camera. The United States Patent office makes filed patents public on a weekly basis and this week alone, we have seven camera related patent applications being made available in the public database.

The patent applications primarily focus on enhanced image processing capabilities of the iPhone camera. These enhancements include the ability to correct blurry photos, masking skin tones and a patent to reduce radially-based chroma noise.

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This development is significant considering the enhancements that Apple has incorporated in its latest version of iPhone as well. You would remember that iPhone 4 comes with a 5-Megapixel camera and supports the capture of High Dynamic Range photos. With new features as those mentioned in the patent, Apple could be looking at not only taking on rivals in the smartphone segment, but also digital camera manufacturers.

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