iPhone 5 Announcement on June 5th?

According to reports, the Moscone Center is booked for a corporate meeting between the 5th of June to the 9th. There are now speculations that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 during that meeting. If the dates are observed clearly, one can see that the meeting at Moscone Center is a five day event. Coincidentally, the World Wide Developer Conference held every year by Apple is also a five day event which in a way strengthen the rumors about the iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

It was at the World Wide Developer Conference last year that Apple unveiled iPhone 4 and altered the name of iPhone OS to iOS. We also reported yesterday that Apple is planning to build a universal iPhone that would allow the usage of any network carrier on the phone. Seems like iPhone 5 would be that universal phone.

If this launch were to true, it would be a great occasion for Steve Jobs to come back again.

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