iPhone 4G Launch Postponed To June 2011?

This is kind of a shocker – that the device everyone expects to see unveiled on June 7 2010 may not make it for one more year at least. According to reports on the IBTimes, Apple may have put off the launch of iPhone 4G until June 2011. The reason, it is said, is to maintain the sales momentum that Apple has achieved with iPad.

Now at the outset, it does make business sense – the iPad brings a far higher margin to Apple than iPhone does. Also, Steve Jobs is often noted to have said that the iPad is the future of computing.

However, it is pretty unlikely that Apple would stave off the sales of one of its cash cows for a year. Competition from the likes of Android is already heating up and there is no denying the fact that the newly launched Android handsets are much better in performance compared to the iPhone 3GS that was launched a year back. A year further, the iPhone 3GS will be no good.

Finally, with several rumors pointing out the finalized specs, it is very unlikely for Apple to have called off its production at the last minute. It is also unlikely that the production was never set in place since the success of the iPad was anybody’s guess even until last month.

What do you think? Does this rumor hold any merit? Voice off in the comments.

[via IBTimes]