Restocking Fee For iPhone 4 Removed

As you know, the high-profile Antenna issue on the new iPhone 4 had invited three class-action lawsuits against Cupertino in the past few days. One of the main arguments in the case was that Apple was at a win no matter how customers felt about their phone. Even those who wanted to return their phones back had to lose the 10% restocking fee and so the plaintiffs argued that Apple was indulging in unfair business practices.

It is apparent that Apple is getting ready to fight the case. As a first step, the company has now announced that the company will be dumping the 10% restocking fee for iPhone 4 making it easier for customers who had faulty handsets to return their phones without losing any money.

Nevertheless, we wonder if this will still save the company from the lawsuit. Apple had recently released a statement where the company said that the apparent loss in signal was a non-issue since this was a problem with the way the bars on the phone were calculated and did not actually drop the signals.

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