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Does Your iPhone 4 Gets Overheated?

Problems seem to be plaguing the newly launched iPhone 4. After several issues with proximity sensors, antenna band and capped upload speeds comes a new issue from several users that their iPhone 4 tends to get overheated even under normal circumstances.

This however seems to be a software problem rather than a hardware issue. Members on the Apple support forum have complained that their iPhone 4 locks them down with a ‘The iPhone is overheated’ message even when it is clearly not. Here are some messages from the Apple support forum

“Today my iPhone was in an air conditioned room and unused for at least 30 minutes. The phone rang and when I tried to answer it I was unable. The display had a large yellow “!” icon and said something about the iPhone being too hot and I’d have to wait to use it.”

“I had this happen as well last night and called Apple support. The phone was sitting idle on a table in an air conditioned room when the message came up.”

Elsewhere on the Mac enthusiast forums

“Today I had my phone in my pocket in sleep mode for, i would say about an hour. I sat down after running around the office and when my pants got a little tight from sitting down my leg felt warm. I took my iphone out of my pocket and it was hot. I put it on my desk and after about 20 min. it was back to room temp.”

Mac website HardMac too notes similar issues. The website points out that the room temperature was only around 25 celsius when the message popped up. Apple has noted in its manual that the iPhone may not be continually used above a temperature of 35 celsius.

iPhone 4 Overheating problems

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For those who have iPhones that become hot with even the lightest of use, try reseating or even replacing your SIM card. My iPhone 4 used to get noticeably warm within minutes of use and alarmingly hot while charging. Now, I no longer have this problem.

The difference in perceptible heat is night and day. I have been charging my phone for the last hour from the wall and it is not even close to warm — it charges faster to boot.

I think what is happening in overheating iPhones is that the SIM card or SIM tray is touching the logic board causing the overabundance of heat. Actually, I think this has been an issue with previous iPhones, as well. It’s definitely worth a try — it seems to have solved the heating issues on mine completely.

No word yet on whether this improves my abysmal battery life, but I get the feeling that it will. I’m still going to see if Apple can take a look at my phone, though.

I’ve DEFINITELY had this problem. In each case, all it required was my being outside with my phone on a sunny day (granted, it’s been in over 90 degrees F for weeks). In one instance, I had my iPhone laid on the passenger seat of my convertible and plugged into the stereo, playing songs. After about five minutes, the music went away, and the yellow triangle screen appeared. When I tried to unlock it, it diverted immediately to the Phone screen, dialing “911.” (Guess they assume that this would only happen in an emergency?) The thing is, even tho the top was down, I had the A/C on (the airflow on my car is quite good, so the A/C cools the cab dramatically, even with the top down), so the ambient temperature was noticeably cooler than outside. However, it WAS lying in the sun on a black seat, so I’ve no doubt it was genuinely overheated. A few minutes of holding it against the A/C vent cooled it right down.

I also had a problem (again outside on a hot day) that I suspect was overheating, but had much less specific symptoms. In this case, my phone just sort of “whigged out”–losing both 3G and WiFi reception (and no, other than this instance, I have NOT had the antenna issues so generally reported), running _very_ sluggishly, and crashing even simple local apps (for instance, “Settings”. However, it never ended up at the “Caution” screen. As I had no A/C vent here (I was at a ballgame), I ended up just powering it down and leaving it at the bottom of my bag in the shade for a good hour.

I’m hoping that this IS a software/firmware issue and that they can sort this. Otherwise, it’s going to be a pain to have a phone that’s nonfunctional in the sun. 🙁

Meredith, did you try Raevynheart’s suggestion in the comments above? Apparently reseating your SIM works..

today my phone locked me out due to overheating. the phone has been in a cool house and in my cool car and was not hot to the touch at all. it had not been used for over an hour and when it rang it locked me out after one ring. also i want to add that every night i close down all my apps so the phone is clear and clean. the phone had no open apps at the time it shut me out.

never mind that i hardly get reception now it cuts me off for no apparent reason.

My iphone 4 just started to get really hot the other day. I had been using it at the time when i noticed. I shut it off for 30 minutes and when i turned it back on it was ok. Today it did it again and I had not used it at all. If i put it up to my cheek it’s almost unbearable because it is so hot. I’m also losing battery power very fast, it went from 30% to 20% in less than 5 minutes without me using it. It’s really bothering me and i don’t know what i should do. HELP ME!!!

My iphone gets heated when camera is opened for more than 5 minutes? What may be the problem regarding my i phone 4?

When you say replace the sim card, Do you mean get a new sim card rather than simply removing and replacing the existing one. I would much rather not get a new card… 🙂

okay.. i have an iphone 4s and everytime i use it for just a couple minutes it over heats i read ravens comment and it seems that it might work now i just need to know how to get the sim car tray opened adn will it affect my phones coverage or requir me to go to my company to get it back in service?

I tried raevynhearts idea, and no luck.. I think the battery could balloon or something, so I’m just getting a new phone..(:

I have same problem and update then I resisting after all I remove the sim card and I reternd back and still overhitng

i had mine will turn to that message after only 10 fiften seconds of use i put in freezer i got so frustrated and same thing how the hell could it be hot

hello guy now i got trouble with my iphone4 that has alert messages Temparatur and iphone need to be cool down… this what i get trouble with it! but my service working.. can u tell me how can i solve with this problem? and it cause from software or hardware ? when this message alert my power battery are goes down fast !! hope u guy could help me !! thx (^^)

My phone’s been overheatheating for the past 3 days. I have an iPhone 4s but I have it with sprint , I see alot of comments saying to remove the Sim card but what happens if I dont have a sim card??

My iphone doesn’t get overheated but when it get some heat because of me playing or being on the sun it appears some yellow thing on the corner of the screen. Im afraid that it can be the battery with tempperature would blow or something.

I have this issue with my phone getting hot, and the screen going blank. I will be taking it back and asking for a new one, I hope they will be as helpfull then as when I handed them all my cash the first time we met. I dont like to pay any amount of cash/month for anything that is half ass. Sorry Apple, but fix the problem.

I noticed today that my iPhone 4 felt hot despite lack of use and the battery
Discharged from full overnight! Will try removing
The sim and putting it back .

If you’re not using the official charger, use it. Using third party chargers can ruin your battery. And also do a charge cycle, I found this help!

Thank you so much Raevynheart! It seems to have worked! Your advice was the only one on google that hit the nail on the head!

Does anyone know what is wrong with my iPhone 4S some times It becomes almost radiator warm and it usually happens when it’s on charge and it still seems to work well. I don’t get the message but some times I have the hotspot on all night and it turns off ???

I have only had the iPhone 4 for 2 weeks now……1.. Battery does not hold charge for more than 3 hours & well usage for more than 5 / 10 minutes it starts over heating at a point it has 2 be put down

My iPhone 4 logic board bottom area keeps getting overheated. It started after I dropped my phone into water. How do you solve this?

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