iPhone 4 Launch In Canada To Be Delayed?

The new iPhone 4 shall not be hitting Canada on June 24. However, Steve Jobs had noted in his keynote address during WWDC 2010 that the new iPhone shall be available in Canada from July. The tentative date of launch was expected to be between July 7 and 15.

However, there are now speculations that this may not happen. Folks at BGR have noticed a small change in wording on the Apple website where “Coming In July” has now been replaced with “Coming Soon“.

While the optimistic lot among you may interpret this as an indication for the iPhone 4 to be available before the end of this month, the likelihood for this is pretty slim. Apple has seen yet another record breaking launch that saw over 600,000 iPhone 4 units pre-ordered on the opening day – so much so that Apple had to stop pre-orders midway.

This being the case, an advancing of the Canada launch is unlikely. Instead, chances are high that customers in Canada may yet again have to bear the brunt for the success of an Apple device in the US.

[via BGR]