Swiveling iPhone Windshield Holder Makes Car Mounting Easy

Naztech Universal has launched a new windshield & dashboard holder for iPhone that’s compatible with all models of the Apple device that makes it easy for you to mount your iDevice on your car while you double it up as a turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. You can either choose to mount it on the car dashboard or stick it up on to the roof using the suction holder. The manufacturers also claim that the swivel-neck feature of the mount will help you position the device at the most convenient angle.

Windshield holder for iPhone

Of course the device is portable. But I’ve not been a great fan of suction based holding technologies simply because their lifespans are hugely dependent on the manufacturers. Some last a year, some last a month – so you never know. Anyway, Naztech notes that their product comes with a one year warranty, so if you think this is a good investment for a price of $21.99, go ahead and check out the device from the product page.