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Calls On iPhone 4 Disconnecting Frequently Due To Proximity Sensor Issues

It looks like Gray Powell (that same Apple engineer who lost his iPhone in a bar) lost the only handset Apple had for testing prior to its launch. Otherwise, it is difficult to believe that the new iPhone has so many flaws that are becoming apparent with every passing day.

First, users complained about noticing yellow or brown splotches on the much-touted retina display of the new iPhone 4. The issue was dismissed as a “residue from manufacturing” that should resolve with usage. There were a few reported scratches on the glass casing that appeared to be an anomaly.

This was followed by reports that suggested that the positioning of the antenna band resulted in poor signal reception on iPhone 4. The news was followed by a controversial statement from Steve Jobs who remarked that users were holding their device the wrong way.

The troubles seem to be far from over. Users are now reporting that the extra-sensitive proximity sensor on the new iPhone could be unintentionally meddling with user-input. Users note that their calls have been hung-up or muted without their consent. Other users have also noted frequent “cheek dialing” and migration to FaceTime because of the super-sensitive nature of the iPhone’s proximity sensor.

Here’s a quote from a user on the Apple support forums

“1st call I made I kept hearing as if someone was dialing a number…only later did I realize it was me hitting it with my cheek over and over again.

2nd call later that night i looked up my contacts and called a friend. Was talking with him and then when I was talking to him it started dialing somone in my contacts that is the least person I would want to call right now and made a three way call! I couldn’t believe it.

Basically I can’t risk this and can’t keep ending calls or dialing numbers or hitting buttons….if there is no software fix for this….I may actually need to return this within the 30 day period. I’m not going to risk this potentially being a massive hardware issue and not software.”

Are you facing these issues? Tell us your problem in the comments.

13 replies on “Calls On iPhone 4 Disconnecting Frequently Due To Proximity Sensor Issues”

I have been experiencing similar behavior (alien face syndrome?). My face has thus far dialed another contact during a call, put me on mute several times, and once switched me to Spanish on a call with an automated system (my face must have pressed “2”). I’m not sure if the screen is always on or whether it periodically comes on during a call, but this could potentially be a battery life problem with the extra juice required to keep the screen back-lit.

I defiantly have this issue. Even tried a new screen protector to try to change it. I hope Apple can come up with a software fix for this.

Jake & Jon,

Some users claim to have seen success by resetting their iPhones. If you have a backup in place, maybe you can try it out to see if it works.

Problems here! Every call I am on ends up with an accidental disconnect from me. Thought at first it was the cell coverage, but that it not the case. Having to hold the phone away from my cheek to prevent cutting people off mid-call. More difficult to hear this way, but at least we can keep the conversation alive. A real pain. Hope Apple fixes this before my 30 days are up, or else it will have to go back.

No communication whatsoever about this from Apple so far. The only acknowledgement so far has been on another signal reception issue and even here, the fix is a few weeks away. So, I really don’t think something will be up in 30 days..

I too have been having this problem with face dialing, muting, and hanging up on people, glad to know its not just me…

Had the same problem as above…would be talking and my check would activate the buttons….cut me off…etc. Called Apple support they sent me a new phone. As of today still having the same problem, but not quite as bad.

I’ve been having the same problems with nearly every single call I make. This is my first iPhone and I am not impressed. I called Apple to complain and was instructed to reset my phone. It did not help. At all. I’m considering returning my phone…

I am having this problem and the only way around it seems to use speaker phone which I don’t like and the earphone/microphone set. I have had an iphone from every generation. This is the first time with this issue. I will take it back to apple store tomorrow.

People are having this same issue with Android phones. My cheek hung up a MyTouch 4G multiple times before I realized what was happening.

The only thing I can think to fix it would be something that would have to be double-tapped, maybe, in order to activate anything by touch on the screen during a call… Hmm…

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