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iPhone 3GS On T-Mobile Launching This Year – No iPhone 4?

Those who are on T-Mobile USA could soon be seeing an iPhone hitting their carrier stores. But this could be the older iPhone 3GS and not iPhone 4. According to a tweet posted by Chris Anderson from the magazine, this news was leaked to him courtesy a manager at T-Mobile. And it goes without saying that this is speculation at its best and needs to be taken with a grain of salt at the moment.

While it is unlikely for Apple to launch an older model iPhone on T-Mobile, there are reasons why this could still be possible. For one, Apple’s iPhone 4 has seen a lot of negative reviews thanks to its issues with antenna reception, proximity sensor,etc. It is likely that the company is working on a solution to the antenna band issue. Considering that Apple’s negotiations with T-Mobile (and Verizon as rumored) have been happening for quite some time now, we assume the companies may have decided to venture out with the launch rather than wait for the issues to be sorted out.

Do you think that’s a likely scenario?

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