iPhone Unlock GPS Signal Issue – Fix For Downgrading Baseband Coming Soon

If you are one of those iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS users who have been experiencing problems with GPS signal connectivity since unlocking your iDevice with the latest version of RedSn0w or PwnageTool, then some fix to the problem may be coming soon.

Folks at the iPhone Dev Team have indicated that they have been working on a solution that will let these iPhone 3G and 3GS users to downgrade their iPhone baseband from the new 06.15.00 back to 05.15.04. While there is no clear indication on how this works, we do assume that the baseband downgrade will still keep these iPhones unlocked.

You may recall that the latest iPhone unlock solution works by upgrading the baseband of the iPhones to the original iPad firmware that was seen to be vulnerable to an exploit. Now if the baseband is downgraded, there is also a likelihood for the phone to get locked back.

There is no clarity on this as yet. We will get you some more info when we get it.

One thought on “iPhone Unlock GPS Signal Issue – Fix For Downgrading Baseband Coming Soon”

  1. I have new bootroom 3GS which has been updated to base band 6.15.00 on 4.2.1 with redsnow but it caused malfunction of my GPS-To get rid of teetherd boot I came back to4.1 with the baseband 6.15.00 first with redsnow , then tiny umbrella ,them limera1n and finally with snowbreeze incluiding SAM prefrences but non has addressed my GPS issue. I want to get back to Apples created basebands for 3GS and how should I do that- Elite Team plz help me out .

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