iPad Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems Reported

Ok, all’s not well with the iPad. Yesterday, quite a few blogs had reported about the way the iPad refused to charge from USB ports of Windows powered computers. As if that was not enough, today, we are also getting to hear about the iPad’s problems in connecting via Wi-Fi.

Several early-bird iPad buyers have been complaining on the Apple support website that their tablet reports a ‘low signal‘ even from places where other devices including the iPhone work without any issue. A user writes on the Apple website,

“I have also noticed very weak wifi signal in my 16GB iPad. Even when standing in front of the wlan router the signal fluctuates from strong to very weak. The router has very strong signals as every other computer here has full signal strength, even 20-30 meters from the router. So there is definitely a wifi signal issue here with the iPad. “

That does not abode too well for a device that is being touted as THE device for casual web surfers. In the absence of proper internet connectivity, the iPad is just a brick.

Are you noticing issues on your iPad (if you have one, that is)? Let us know.

[via Apple Support]