iPad On Target Stores – Price And Launch Date Rumors

Apple is apparently looking at expanding the retail availability of the iPad ahead of launch of serious competition from the likes of Samsung and the rest in the US. According to reports on Engadget, Apple should be bringing the iPad to Target Stores starting October 3rd. Not surprisingly, the report states that the prices of the different models would stay the same and that the iPad would be grouped alongside devices like the Kindle and shall be available in the ‘Digital Audio’ section of the Target stores.

While it is possible that the expansion is keeping in line with Apple’s plans for the holiday shopping season, it is also possible that Apple is looking at clearing its volumes (or maximizing its sales) ahead of the launch of a new iPad during the peak of the holiday season. There were reports last week that Apple is launching the second generation model of the iPad – equipped with camera – by November this year. Looking from that perspective, this news makes absolute sense.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if Apple has any intention of making the first generation iPad available worldwide anytime. Not that I would want it, but there are lots of fanboys out there who are still intently waiting for one.