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Price of iPad : $600 With Contract, $999 Unsubsidized? [Updated]

Update: The prices have been announced. First of all, there is NO contract. You may cancel your AT&T plans anytime.

16GB iPad with Wi-Fi is priced at $499. The 32Gb and 64Gb come priced at $599 and $699. On top of this is $130 for 3G. So, the most expensive iPad will be the 64GB device with 3G : $829

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The Apple Tablet is most likely to be priced at around $500-$600 with contract and $999 without one. This comes from Media Markt which is among the biggest electronics store in Germany; much like the Best Buy is to US.

An inadvertent posting on the company’s twitter account which has since then been deleted reads

Apple iPad – Ab 01. Marz bei Ihrem Media Markt fur nur 499,- Euro im T-Mobile Complete L Vertrag (sonst 899,- Euro)

An interesting confirmation is that the device will in fact be called the iPad. Another is an indication that the device will go on sale from March 1; something that was speculated to be impossible because of component supply shortage.

The speculation appears to be strongly likely considering the credibility of the source. What do you make of this? Is $600 with contract what you had hoped for? Tell us in the comments.

[via MacRumors]

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Why is a contract optional? Are there going to be services on the iPad that would benefit from a contract?

Enlighten me, please!

The iPad could be subsidized by AT&T or Verizon which, like the iPhone’s, could come with a two year contractual period. You would need a connection from one of them for connecting to the internet via 3G or one of their WiFi hotspots.

For $499, you get you 16 GB of storage, with WiFi built-in. For $599, you get 32 GB of storage. For $699, you get 64 GB of storage.
The 3G models cost an extra $130 each.
So all told, there are six models of the new iPad. The most expensive 64 GB model, with 3G, costs $829 plus the monthly charge.
There will be two 3G plans for iPad owners. The first one, for up to 250 MB of data a month, will cost $14.99 per month. For unlimited data, its $29.99 a month.

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