iPad Online Orders Bugged By Privacy Issues

A potentially sensitive privacy bug has been detected on the online ordering system of iPad. According to reports on the Apple support site, owners tracking their orders have noted links to “master tracking number” that reveal critical information such as the name, address and phone numbers of other iPad recipients for the particular day. A forum user writes,

“However today when Looking at my tracking number I noticed that there was a master tracking number linked. I clicked it and to my surprise I see 988 deliveries all 3.4 pounds which is the weight of the shipment for my iPad.

Now that I have this tracking number I can see the name address and phone number of each person expecting an iPad. How is this possible how can Apple allow anyone to gain access to this master tracking number?

How easy could it be for me to simply go to these people homes wait for fedex tell them I’m “Such and Such” and simply walk away with a free iPad.

In my opinion this is a huge security risk.”

Interestingly, as another user has noted, ¬†while this may appear to be a problem with FedEx, it is Apple that stands accountable since the company is responsible “for jumbling 988 shipments together knowing that the master tracking number would be attached to each shipment.¬†”

The problem has now apparently been sorted out.

[via Apple Support]

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