USB, MicroSD & SD Card Reader For iPad – New Accessory Unveiled

Apple’s camera connection kit is a $29.99 accessory that not only  lets users to transfer pictures from their digital camera to their iPad but can also double up as a USB drive. The release of iOS 4.2 has however restricted the power consumption of dongles that makes it impossible for users to employ the camera connection kit as a USB drive.

3-IN-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit is a new third party accessory that seeks to bring this functionality back to the iPad. The accessory is quite cleanly designed and allows the iPad to be connected with a USB, SD card or MicroSD card – all with one accessory. The unit costs $29 and is available in both black and white colors. Pre-orders are already open and delivery is expected to happen “after Christmas“.

iPad dongle

What is not clear though is whether this accessory will work seamlessly despite the new power restrictions. We will post an update if we hear from the manufacturers. Meanwhile, check out the accessory (and pre-order, if you want to) at the MicGadget store here.