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iPad 2 Rumors – Volume Of Orders Expected To Cross 6 Million Per Month

According to reports on the Digitimes, Apple is anticipating high demand of the next generation iPad when it launches next year. The publication has revealed that Cupertino may have sealed a deal with two additional touch panel makers – Chimei Innolux and Cando – to cumulatively supply close to 6 million iPad 2 devices per month.

If true, Apple’s demand forecast for the next year could be extremely optimistic given that the company is expected to see more tight competition starting 2011. It is also worth noting that despite the huge market share that Apple owns right now, monthly sales are only in the range of 4 million units per month. Perhaps Apple sees more and more people upgrading from other portable computing devices like netbooks and notebooks to tablet computers that could significantly enhance the size of the overall market.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if Apple will manage to sustain such high demand levels through 2011. What do you think?

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