Next Generation iPad Launch Date Rumors

There is still no official word from Apple with respect to the possible release date for the next generation iPad. However, various sources have begun to speculate on the launch date as well as possible features on what could be the next big release.

Quite expectedly, the new iPad is expected to carry on Apple’s yearly cycle for its products. June is a month Apple reserves for new iPhone releases and September is the month for iPod releases. On similar lines, April could be the month for iPads. Bloggers and tech journalists have increasingly started to believe that the new model of iPad could be released in April 2011 – a year after the original iPad launched. Of course, Steve Jobs could make his presentation earlier than that.

As with regards to the features, some major speculations that are doing the rounds are with respect to the availability of a camera. Besides this, the new iPad is expected to be CDMA compatible and shall contain a faster CPU and be enhanced with improved aesthetics – could be thinner and lighter.

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