iPad 2 Features Closer To Confirmation With New Case Design

We have received a lot of information about the next generation iPad over the past couple of weeks. As we have already noted, iPad 2 is expected to be significantly thinner and could come with tapered sides, front and rear facing cameras, a wide-range speaker and possibly a USB port.

Now Dexim, a case design manufacturer has been exhibiting one of their new cases that has been designed for iPad 2. The case has been pretty smartly designed that allows a Bluetooth keyboard to connect to a sleeve that will contain the iPad 2 that will enable users to get their iPad working like a laptop.

With a number of accessory manufacturers producing iPad 2 cases that seem to be built with the rumored new features in place, the credibility of the speculations regarding the iPad 2 design is just getting stronger. What do you think? Check out a snapshot of the exhibited iPad 2 case from Dexim embedded below.

Dexim iPad case