New iPad To Feature Gesture Controls Like Kinect?

The second generation iPad that is speculated to launch next year may not feature something as ┬árevolutionary as this, but from what we see, a gesture based navigation system – like Kinect – could definitely be coming somewhere down the line. Earlier this month, a number of patents in the area of gesture-controlling were acquired by Apple that signalled that such a feature could be coming to iDevices somewhere down the line.

Now, Elliptic Labs, a Norway based company is learned to be demoing such a technology for the iPad at the Consumer Electronics Show scheduled for early next month. Now, it must be noted that Elliptic Labs is organizing this demo independently without any apparent partnership with Apple. However, considering that Apple has already expressed interest in the area, the demo will give us an idea of where the iPad is headed to in the future.

Here is a video preview of the technology developed by Elliptic Labs.

One thought on “New iPad To Feature Gesture Controls Like Kinect?”

  1. Gesture-activated remote operation is a very intriguing technology with a lot of potential, but probably not for tablets that are generally held 1-2 feet from the viewer. Such an approach would make more sense for something like the Google TV for control of large-screen TV’s. The Elliptic Labs video honestly looks more like a proof-of-concept done with a trendy hardware device in order to get attention.

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