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Rumored iPad 2 Hardware Features "Extremely Accurate"

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of revelations have been made with respect to the next generation iPad. These include the possible inclusion of a wide-range speaker on the rear bottom of the device, tapered sides and flatter rear and camera slots on the front and rear of the device.

These speculations have come through third party accessory pictures that were posted on Chinese eCommerce website In addition to this, folks at 9to5Mac too had published iPad 2 case mold drawings that gave us a much more complete picture of the forthcoming device. Until now these remained just rumors that carried little or no credibility.

However, it now appears these feature speculations were indeed correct. Apple or one of their partners seemed to have contacted all websites that had taken a lead in publishing these photos and demanded these images be pulled. Subsequently, 9to5Mac and Alibaba among others have pulled the images that they had posted on their websites. 9to5Mac have updated their earlier post with a message that reads,

“we’ve been told (not so nicely) to remove those mold drawings because they are the property of someone else. We’ve complied.”

Meanwhile, FullChance Industrial Co., who reportedly have partnered with Hon Hai for the manufacture of the accessories have revealed that the published images are “extremely accurate“. So there you go. In case you had any doubt about what the next generation iPad would look like, you just had your answer.

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