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iPad 2 Components and Features – Faster, Better and Stronger

The much awaited iPad 2nd generation features and specifications have been finally released. Firstly, as rumored, the iPad 2 is definitely a slimmer heir with its display module is going to get thinner by 30-35 percent. iPad 2 is also going to offer a better reading experience in the sunlight to its users, thanks to the anti-reflection. Also, the processor speed and the RAM size have been increased to 1.2 GHz and 512 MB. The use of the dual core processor is sure to boost up the power consumption as well as the computing power. The use of Imagination’s SGX543 has paved way for a power GPU which is going to be 300-400 percent powerful when compared to the one in iPod 4. Apple is also planning to launch different GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi versions of the iPad 2. There are going to be 2 cameras, front and rear and a rumored SD card slot.

The only non-modified component though, would be the retinal display, which is going to be same as in the first generation iPad. The first quarter of 2011 is going to see the production of 4.5-5 million units.

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