iOS 4 Draining Battery On iPod Touch – Here Are Some Fixes

A massive thread up on the Apple support forum has been up and running since June this year and presently has close to a thousand posts from people who have been noticing severe battery drain on their iPod Touch since it was upgraded to the iOS 4 operating system. Since then, Apple has released newer versions with a major iOS 4.1 release expected this week. However, the problems that these users have been facing are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

There are some observations that the problem could stem from the fact that Apple has chosen to keep power guzzling features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on while the iPod is asleep.  If you are facing the same issue, you could use one of the following resolution procedures.

  • Navigate to Settings and turn on Airplane mode before retiring for the night. This feature will automatically disable features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that you may save battery while the iPod Touch is not in use.
  • Deactivate Push notifications and alerts. Some users have seen results with just this
  • Navigate to Settings -> Mail,Contacts,Calendar -> Fetch New Data. Set the feature to ‘Manually
  • Attempt a system restore

Many users have seen an improvement in battery performance using one of the above fixes. Do try them and let us know if they work.

One reply on “iOS 4 Draining Battery On iPod Touch – Here Are Some Fixes”

Thanks for addressing this issue. It has been either ignored or swamped out by all the new iPhone and iPod hoopla. Apple has basically refused to acknowledge the battery drain problems as well as overheating and weak wifi reception issues, plus nightmarish upgrade disasters. The greatly increased recharging frequency and overheating is permanently damaging battery capacity. Many heretofore loyal Apple customers are really put off by this whole fiasco and the absurd lack of response from Apple. I expect that Apple will lose customers, but if they can still pull in the uninformed, maybe they don’t care if the bottom line looks okay. They seem to be more concerned about admitting to embarrassing mistakes.

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