iOS 4.3 Release Date & New Features Rumors

After several delays, it was just yesterday, quite literally, that the new iOS 4.2.1 was released to the public. However, the rumor mills have already moved on to the next big update. According to a fresh report, Apple could be releasing its next big update for the iOS platform, the iOS 4.3, as early as next month.

The sources have pointed out to a possible December 13 release date. However, it is not clear whether the update will actually happen on this date. This is because of the delays seen with the recently launched iOS. Apple was scheduled to launch iOS 4.2 as early as October 26. This however got initially delayed due to problems in the display of Japanese characters. There was another major delay early this month due to Wi-Fi connectivity issues observed on iPads. All this meant that Apple had to endure a three week delay in the launch of its iOS platform. It is quite possible that this delay rubs off on the planned release of the next update.

So what can we expect in the next version of iOS? The sources indicate that apart from bug fixes, one major annoucement could be app subscriptions. We have been hearing about an iPad-only newspaper from News Corp in the works. Such a subscription model will require a software update that is expected to come with the iOS 4.3 release.

Of course, it is speculation at this point. Let’s wait for more words to come in.

One thought on “iOS 4.3 Release Date & New Features Rumors”

  1. This update 4.3 is horrible .There is
    No major costumer friendly imprivenent ,no worthy
    Features to make life simpler.It’s all in favor of App

    For now Iphobe owners don’t pay for updates after
    Purchase them but, soon ,with this new iOS 4.3, we
    Would have to pay next years for the very same app
    We purchase $14(example).

    Remember,initially ,Apps were givevaway at .99$ and
    Price slowly Increase when the developer notice vigorous
    Sell due to popularity or revert back to cheaper when
    Competition .

    Now with 4.3,you not the owner anymore so it’s better
    Never update.This is why I suspect that iOS 4.3 will really be
    The end of jailbreak and file sharing.

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