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iOS 4.3 Rolling Out On Thursday?

When exactly is the new iOS 4.3 releasing? We had been expecting the upcoming iOS version to initially roll out in “mid-December“. However, reports published at the fag end November suggested that this release may have been delayed until next year.

Now reports from new sources seem to be indicating that the release may actually happen this month. This week rather. According to a recent article on CNET, Apple’s new iOS 4.3 update may happen as early as Thursday, December 9.

The consensus on the possible new features however stays. iOS 4.3 is expected to add support to subscription-based app pricing. At present, application developers may charge developers during download or in-app. However, there is no means to enable a subscription. The new pricing model will highly benefit magazine and newspaper publications that have been seriously exploring the iPad as a potential new channel to sell content.

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