Simple iOS 4.2 Hack Replaces iPad Mute Switch With Orientation Lock

Among the many changes that iOS 4.2 brought about, one very noticeable change was with the iPad Orientation lock. This physical switch on the side of the iPad enabled users to easily lock the orientation of the iPad – a useful tool while you are watching movies or reading ebooks. Apple however replaced this with an alternate virtual button for orientation lock and changed the functionality of the original button to instead serve as a mute switch.

If you do not like this and would like to revert the functionality back to the original state, there’s a hack for that – on the Cydia store. Users who have jailbroken their iPad can now grab the free to download NoMute for iPad tool that will let users keep their orientation lock intact. There is apparently a bug in the application that seems to trigger the mute action as well when the switch is invoked. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon through an update.