iOS 4.2 Bug Causing MobileMe “Password Wrong” Error

Over the past few days since iOS 4.2 got ready for its roll out, users seem to have been noticing a problem in signing into their MobileMe accounts. The complaint is that the system fails to let them into the account on the web as well as on the iDevice citing wrong password entry. This is despite the user entering the right password.

The problem is not exactly with iOS 4.2, but could instead be because of the new Apple ID integration that has been offered. So is there a fix as yet? From what we hear, users may be able to login the second time they enter the password over the web at On the iPhone or iPad, the account seems to sync as usual even though you have this password error.

Another way to resolve the bug appears to be by switching to the older [email protected] account for the time being. You may come back to the [email protected] account once this issue gets resolved by Apple.

Did any of these work? Write to us in the comments.

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  1. this didn’t work for me. I can log into and itunes, but not my mobile account

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