iOS 4.2.6 Released for Verizon iPhone 4

It’s not been a week that Verizon iPhone 4 has been out, Apple has already released an iOS update for the phone. The iOS 4.2.6 has been released to fix a bug in the iPhone 4 that is affecting the Personal Hotspot data accuracy. The iOS 4.2.6 was first released in January for review and after assessing it, it is now officially available for download to the general users. This personal hotspot data fix would now enable the iPhone 4 to tether to 5 devices simultaneously. The plan can be availed from Verizon for an extra 20$ a month for two gigabyte access. Verizon has also said that for every gigabyte used after the allocated two GB, it would cost 20$ more.

This new bug fix for personal hotspots is an attempt by both Apple and Verizon to avoid any issues with public when it comes to billing