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iOS 4.2.1 Bugs – iPad Not Connecting To 3G Network

Reports are coming in that iPadĀ 3G users who have upgraded their tablets to the new iOS 4.2.1 platform have been noticing slow or broken 3G connection since the update. While some users seem to have problems with connecting to their 3G SIM card, others users complain about their tablet frequently switching to the slower Edge network. The issue appears to be coming from several countries and is not restricted to any particular geography.

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Here are some comments from affected users

“I am in the US and after update 4.2.1 my ipad cannot connect with valid 3g sim card that i have been using for 4 months on ipad. i took the sim card out of the ipad and tested it on my iphone 4 and it works fine. the ipad is telling me that my cellular data plan usage has expired. i am using my sim that is unlimited.”

“After upgrade to the new OS 4.2.1 last night, I lost the 3G connection with the iPad. only Edge Connection.”

“My iPad 3G signal at work has gone down the pan since the 4.2.1 update. Instead of 3-5 bars depending on where I am in the office it has dropped to 1 or 2 bars in the best locations and if I move around too much I lose the the signal completely.”

Are you seeing similar issues since the upgrade?

24 replies on “iOS 4.2.1 Bugs – iPad Not Connecting To 3G Network”

The Ipad 4.2 upgrade has made my 3g useless….thanks APPLE!!!! can’t download from Itune either via 3G …. how long before the fix? and resetting network settings AIN”T THE FIX!!!!!!!!!

Hi i am from Croatia and i have t-mobile sim card and as well after updating to 4.2.1 i cannot connect in any ways to 3 G netowork!!

Same issue here. After the 4.2.1 update, i can not connect to 3G at all. This is horrible! Apple, please fix this ASAP!

I am in the Nigeria and after update 4.2.1 my ipad cannot connect with valid 3g network sim card that i have been using for 2 months on ipad. i took the sim card out of the ipad and tested it on my iphone 4 and it works fine. Any suggestions Anybody?

Since upgrading my iPad, I only see the Edge network. My iPad doesn’t even recognize the 3G network. But at least Edge works ( if you call Edge a “Data” plan). I’m in the western US.

Hi i am from Brazil and I have Vivo Micro Sim card that was workinng perfectly. After updating to 4.2.1, the 3G network is recognized but I cannot connect. Already reset network setting, but no results. Only works with wireless network.

I haven’t even upgraded b/c I’m jailbroken and I’m having the same issue -have been on AT&T Edge since the weekend!!!! Super frustrating!!!!

Unfortunately the same thing here. I’m in AUS and have the 64gb wifi +3G model. Very disappointed. iPhone 4 I have is stuffing up too..

I am in China and I am having the same problem that I have lost 3G connection offered by China Unicom after updating my Ipad to 4.2.1. Would anyone be able to help me out? Thanks, Johnny

I had the same issue, but hit “Reset” under general settings and then selected “Reset Network Settings” and it seems to have resolved the issue for me.

from South Africa. Same problem with 3G 64 GB iPad after uploading 4.2. It did not happen immediately though, only after a few days. Cannot get it fixed. Apple better soon sort this out>not nice to be the experimental field for Apple.

Hi guys,

Just check your APN setting. It has been reset because of the update. You just have to fill it out and then it works again! :o)

I’m from Vietnam and having the same problem. I tried everything but nothing seems to work. Reset, restore,… it still shows “no service” at the top left corner instead of the 3G bar and the network name.

It’s not the APN settings, i’ve checked over and over. The 3G signal is there but trying to connect in safari on my iphone 4 is very slow, then it seems to sort itself out for a short while, then back to very slow or non existant connection (even though the 3g icon is still in the status bar). Some of the applications that rely on 3g connection seem to work fine though, mainly safari that is the worst culprit. i see the blue bar move a few millimeters, then it stops for an age, before reverting to normal operation and loading. It’ll be fine for a few web sites, then stop again. Very fustrating.

I’ve been abroad for a month, and i didnt use there the 3G function. Till i was there my iPad was falling down. Everything worked fine. Wifi, screen, sounds everything. When i arrived home, i couldnt connect to 3G network. At the corner there is the network name and the bars and the 3G sign, but it says “cannot connect to data network, you dont have a valid contract”
I tried the sim card on macbook and there worked fine. I have now the 4.3.2 OS, but still doesnt connect to 3G. Tommorrow i’ll take my iPad to the service. Maybe it’s because of i dropped. But after reading this article and your comments, it seems interesting, strange.
Is there anyone who could slve the problem, with the 4.3.2 or any othor update??

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