iOS 4.1 Causing In-Car USB Stereo Audio Playback?

The problems with iPhones and iOS don’t seem to be going away. Several iPhone users have been noticing a new issue with the latest iOS update that apparently causes their in-car USB audio stereo to produce a crackling sound whenever the devices are paired up for playing music. As these users note, the issue is not observed while playing music from other sources and also while playing with an iPhone running a lower version of the iOS. This is clearly indicative of an apparent software glitch with the new iOS 4.1. Also, the issue has been noticed with stereos from more than one manufacturer.

As we have seen several times in the past, Apple is yet to respond to these reports. To be fair, the number of users having reported the problem is not too high either and so I think it is only appropriate to wait for some more time before making a judgement on whether a software update is necessary to fix this bug.