Internet Explorer To Come With A Dashboard To Manage All Open Tabs?

The default windows of Google Chrome and a few other browsers show a thumbnail of all the recently viewed websites. Taking this a step further, Microsoft wants you to be able to organize your open-tabs better.

In a patent filed recently at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft writes that the purpose of a ‘Quick Pick’ interface is to help users who have several dozens of tabs open a quick way to surf through all open tabs and pick the right window.

Here is what we know about the Quick-Pick Interface

  • A Quick-pick button shall be available on the navigation menu of the browser and it could additionally come with a hot-key
  • Pressing the same will open the Quick-Pick Interface which will display the open tabs in thumbnail fashion
  • Hover your mouse over any of the thumbnails to see a bigger picture of the window

  • Reorganize your tabs by dragging the thumbnails across on the Quick-Pick interface
  • Close all unwanted tabs from the Quick-pick interface
  • Click on the tab you want to go to on the Quick-pick interface

The Quick-Pick interface appears to serve as a dashboard from where you may manage all your open windows. But I wonder how many users will actually need such an interface to manage tabs. Except for the power users (who I believe have migrated away from IE a long time back), not many would see a need for this. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Internet Explorer To Come With A Dashboard To Manage All Open Tabs?”

  1. Speed dial were invented by Opera Software, not Google Chrome! If Microsoft says Opera infringes the patent then will be next browser war. Maybe this features are a little different, but even that Opera won’t have possibility to expand speed dial in natural way of application living. Patents like this and like double click should be banned. Microsoft is patent troll in this situation.

  2. I don’t think this patent is about showing the thumbnails. It is more about a dedicated interface invoked by a hot-key that will help you in quickly finding the tab you want to move to.

    I have not used Opera, but if it is anything like Google Chrome, then I think Microsoft’s patent is different.

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