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Microsoft Kinect Launch Date In November

Microsoft has announced that its latest gaming-plus-entertainment device, the Kinect will launch in November this year. The price has not been announced and it is expected that an announcement regarding this is likely in a few more hours from now.

Microsoft Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal shall be Redmond’s foray into the launch of a device that will not only offer users to play a controller-free gaming experience but will also allow additional entertainment experiences like video chat and picture sharing.

The name of the new project was unknown for a long time though we had stumbled upon the Kinect name last month in one of the trademark applications filed by Microsoft.

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Microsoft Kinect – Formerly Known As Project Natal

Microsoft has finally unveiled Project Natal. At the E3 kick-off party yesterday, the company unveiled the official name of the much touted “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” from Microsoft – Kinect.

Wait, does that sound familiar? Yes, it does. GoRumors had written about the Kinect in early May when Microsoft had applied for a trademark on the name. Back then, it was the season of the Kin phones which made me speculate if it was a series of Kin peripherals that would enable users to “connect” to other devices. Too bad, I didn’t think of Project Natal then.

So is Kinect all that we had speculated earlier? Well, Microsoft has demoed several features of their new project – games like Star Wars and Tiger Petting, a video chat application, photo sharing to mention a few. No information on price or launch date is known.

Update : Microsoft Kinect to launch in November

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Hulu On Xbox 360 – Announcement At E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is all set to launch in less than two weeks from now and there are huge expectations of the event already. One announcement that is highly anticipated from Microsoft is about Project Natal – which is  rumored to be called the “Wave”.

Another interesting revelation, or rather speculation, is that Microsoft may announce the integration of Hulu to Xbox 360. Xbox users can integrate the Hulu offering to their Xbox dashboard in much the same way as they do with Netflix which will allow them to access the wide catalog of TV shows from the popular video streaming service.

It is however not expected to come for free. The source that GearLive spoke to has indicated that there will be a subscription fee for access. And speculation is that it may be on a monthly/quarterly access basis.

Lots of interesting news are coming with respect to Microsoft Xbox 360. Last month, we had written about possibilities of  live TV coming to Xbox 360 in 2011. We’ll have to wait and see how many of these rumors turn out to be true.

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Microsoft Project Natal To Be Called Wave?

A gaming website has claimed information from an “inside source” that Microsoft’s latest addition to its Xbox 360 peripherals – the much anticipated Project Natal would named ‘Wave‘. The source terms the naming to directly take on a similar product from Sony, named Playstation Move.

This is however a rumor and will need to be taken with skepticism. While ‘Wave‘ does fit the product category, we are not sure about the credibility of the source. So, we would tend to keep this low for the moment.

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Microsoft Natal Price And Launch Revealed

Microsoft’s Project Natal – a controller-free peripheral for Xbox 360 that will let users interact with the console without having to use a game controller is now revealed to launch in the US in October at a price of $149.

According to the sources, Natal shall be bundled along with the Xbox 360 Arcade and will retail at a price of $299. The peripheral will also launch outside US, but the price is noted to be determined later based on several factors including exchange rates.

As it should be evident, the marketed name is not going to be Natal though we are still unsure what it is going to be called. It has been earlier revealed that Sony’s  Natal competitor will be called Playstation Move.

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