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Google Chrome OS Keyboard To Feature Dedicated Search Button

Google could be taking the wraps off its Chrome OS netbook come tuesday. And apart from the software and back-end hardware that will be the focus of discussion, one another aspect that is already doing the rounds is a slightly refurbished keyboard.

According to reports, the keyboard for the upcoming Google Chrome OS netbook could come with  a dedicated button for Google search. This button is expected to replace the CAPS-lock key on the left-hand side of the keyboard. While it is not clear, it is possible that the Caps-lock function could now be invoked by using the Shift+Search combination.

Google Chrome OS netbook keyboard

Apart from the search button, another change in the keyboard layout that we have noticed is the forward and backward button on top of the keyboard along with several other control functions. These are located at the position where you normally have the function keys. While it may sound like simply reinventing the wheel, Google could be simplifying internet surfing by offering these controls on the keyboard thus making the process all the more mouse-free.

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Beta Google Instant On Android Phones Releases For Some Users

In September this year, Google launched a completely revamped search interface for the desktop. The new Google Instant not only offered quick and immediate results but also brought with it an improved keyword suggestion tool – one that completed your query instead of waiting for you to input yours. During the launch, Google had noted that the search interface would be made available for mobile devices moving forward.

The first step in this direction appears to have been taken. A number of users on Android devices like Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid 2 and HTC Incredible are reporting about having seen the new interface in action on their mobile phones. Apparently, the Instant search is turned off by default offering users a tap control to turn it on.

Do you see this new interface on your Android phone? Tell us in the comments.

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Google Instant Makes "I'm Feeling Lucky" More Prominent

Before Google made its new Instant interface public, there were rumors that were doing the rounds that noted that Google could be removing the “I’m feeling lucky” button off the interface considering that the button had no relevance in the instantly-generated results. Not that it had any relevance earlier, but it was assumed that a search interface that dynamically took the user to the search engine results pages without stopping over at the home page had no place for the button.

However, now that the new interface has been made publicly available, it appears that Google has made the “I’m feeling lucky” feature all the more prominent. The only way for a user to hit the button on the home page is when no query is typed as yet. And when you do that, Google redirects you to the Doodles archive page.

However, the feature holds more prominence now. Google now lets users click ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ against each of the keyword suggestions. What more, you can also use up and down arrows to navigate between the different keyword suggestions and can press the right arrow to be immediately taken to the first results of the search results – the I’m feeling lucky result.

Of course, how many users will be comfortable hopping over to the first result link is still debatable. But it’s heartening to see Google bring more value to a term that was otherwise becoming redundant.

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Google Instant – How It Works

Google’s Marissa Mayer is currently on stage at the company’s media event launching the new streaming search engine. Revealing that the bouncing balls logo was in fact a teaser to today’s announcement, Mayer has said that the new launch – Google Instant – would make search fast, fun and interactive.

You may know what Google Instant is from the outset – It’s a dynamic generation of search results even as you type queries. According to Mayer, this is much beyond simple ‘search as you type’. Here are some new things Google has introduced in the new Google Instant that will make searching quicker

  • Search results even as you being typing on home page
  • User doesn’t have to press ‘Enter’ to complete a search. Hit ‘Tab’ to complete a word
  • Use UP and DOWN arrows to move between queries
  • The new format does not search after the user enters a word. Instead, the system searches before you type by auto-completing a query and generating the corresponding results. Of course, the results will change if you do not enter the keyword that Google intended

The new technology will be available on IE 8, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It will roll out to all users through the day. Google expects the new technology to save 2 to 5 seconds per query.

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Google Streaming Search – Dynamically Generating Search Results

After Google ridiculously teasing its visitors with a bouncing balls logo and a gradually coloring grey doodle today, here is where we have finally come to – the new Google streaming search. Moving forward, the line of difference between Google home page and SERPS – the Search Engine Results Pages are blurred. As several users have already started noticing, typing a query on the Google homepage dynamically takes them to a results page where the results keep changing as you type or modify your query. According to Eric Schmidt, the company’s search engine is “already Fast..Fast Is About To Get Faster

So, the agenda of Google’s September 8 media event is already out. It will be interesting to see how the latest layout change will affect the traffic of the various websites. More importantly, it will be interesting to see how this will affect Google’s own infrastructure as searchers will seek a lot more query searches per entry compared to earlier times.

Check out the video below on how the new search engine function will work. Do you like it?

Update : The media event is scheduled to begin at 9.30 AM Pacific Time. You can catch the event live on Google’s YouTube channel here.

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Apple Search Deal With Google Worth $100 Million

There were recent rumors about Apple replacing the Google search box on iPhone’s native Safari web browser with Microsoft’s Bing. It was being speculated that the deal with Bing was a short-term one – only until Apple develops its own search engine.

Business Insider has now quoted its sources as revealing that there is no truth in these rumors. It is being said that Apple has no intentions to venture into a business that is so heavily dominated by Google. As a matter of fact, the Apple Google search deal is said to be close to $100 – far too much money that Apple might not want to give away for its own search engine.

While it does make sense, it still does not appear to be the complete story. For one, Apple’s acquisitio of Quattro Wireless may not be strategically fulfilling if it were to be restricted to just ads alongside apps. With the launch of iPad, there is a serious potential for internet browsing to move away from open platforms towards closed platforms like the iPad. Under such a scenario, Apple could be losing out on a lucrative market if it did not venture into search.

So as things stand, we would like to treat the source’s denial with a bit of skepticism at the moment.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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Google Caffeine is LIVE?

Google Caffeine is the new rewired code of Google search engine that is supposed to be much faster and real time than the Google search that we have come to know. According to some sources, Google Caffeine is now live.

As Matt Cutts from Google earlier put it, this is not some UI change that people would readily recognize and even power users of Google would find it difficult to see the changes. But all the change has been in the internal coding system, and the only big change that you can find from the user’s side is the apparent faster delivery of results.

This is still not confirmed, but we would like to believe that this is true.