Eros Tablet Features And Price Review

The Chinese are making hay with the newly found tablet craze in the US and the west. Another Chinese company has come up with a tablet PC that promises to offer some admirable specs in return for a few hundred dollars. But unlike the several others who have gone for an Android platform, the new Eros tablet is expected to come on a Windows 7 platform.

So this is what you will receive – A 11.6-inches resistive touchscreen display that will be packed with 1366×768 pixels, a 160GB hard drive storage, 1GB of internal memory and connectivity ports for HDMI, VGA, USB besides an SD card reader. The device offers a choice of processor between an Intel Atom N450 and Intel Celeron SU2300. Also, you may pick between Intel GMA 3150 (w/Atom), NVIDIA ION 2 (w/Atom), GMA 4500MHD (w/Celeron) for the GPU.

Eros Tablet

There is no word on when it will launch outside China. But the price definitely appears to be somewhere between $440 and $600.

No wonder the device has wonderful specs. But I would rather spend half a grand on something that’s better known. My personal take, of course.