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iPhone 5 Features And Rumors.

Rumored to be having an exact look like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 has already reached the mass production stage and is expected to have an exact look like the iPhone 4. With many controversial rumors cropping up regarding the phone as it nears its release date, lets have a look at the possible inclusions and rumors related to this upcoming device.

A Better Camera :

iPhone 5 could include an 8 megapixel camera as its predecessor was equipped with a 4 megapixel digital camera.

No Home Button :

The Home button could well disappear with the introduction of touch sensitive controls or getting the buttons transferred on one of the edges.

Screen Size and Enhanced Resolution:

A bigger screen measuring between 4 to 5 inches diagonally supported by a higher resolution.

Design :

Rumored to have the look and feel of the iPad 2, the glass could well be replaced with brushed metal on the back side with reduced thickness and rounded edges.

White and 64GB Models :

High possibilities of the device being available in white as well as a 64GB model could also be available.

A Physical Keyboard :

A long lost rumor of having a sliding keyboard for the iPhone one day may come true now.

Record videos in FULL HD.

The camera may be able to record videos in 1080p FULL HD.

Low-Cost Counterpart :

Apple could well be considering development of less efficient models thus making them less expensive to increase its brand awareness and market share.

No Storage :

The iPhone 5 and future models of the device will not be having any internal storage from now on.

3D display :

iPhone 5 could well be handling 3D display with or without glasses.

Battery :

The device could have a battery with better autonomy, but the length will be the same as that of the iPhone 4.


Already associated with the iPhone 4, possibilities of having an iPhone 5 with a CDMA chip is highly expected.

R-UIM MicroCards Compatibility :

A CDMA model with microSIM UICC R-UIM is highly possible.

2 Sim Card Slots :

The device could be equipped with 2 sim card slots allowing simultaneous operations of both the cards.

NFC Technology :

iPhone could be including the NFC technology to manage your Apple accounts from any MAC.

A5 Processor :

Revealed at the launch of iPad 2, the iPhone 5 could well be next in line for having an A5 processor.

Double the RAM :

iPhone 4`s 512mb RAM could now become 1GB in the iPhone 5.

HDMI Output :

iPhone 5`s dock connector could be used for HDMI video output with 1080p HD video support.

Support for 4G / LTE :

Chances of a 4G / LTE based network standards are very unlikely.

Better Voice Controls :

With the new iOS 5, the voice controls can be enhanced further with possible additions of new ones.

iTunes Cloud :

A cloud version of iTunes is highly anticipated because of Apple`s ever increasing network infrastructure.

The iOS 5 :

Apple may unveil the iOS 5 while presenting their iPhone 5 which will be finally available on iPhone 5`s release date.

iPhone 5 Availability :

Possible rumors suggest that the device may be available to the general public somewhere between June to September.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Registers Below Par Sales?

All the hoopla surrounding the Verizon iPhone 4 is indeed receding rapidly. The pre-order commotion, Apple having to shut down the sale of Verizon iPhone 4 on the online store prior to the release date, 700,000 pre-orders in-queue, all said and done, insiders’ reports are that the sales of the Verizon iPhone 4 have not met the expectations of either Apple or Verizon Wireless. Insiders who got a look at the sales reports are also claiming that the sales of the iPhone after the first five days has definitely not exceeded that of AT&T. The rumored sales reports are from five stores across the US. Another interesting fact is that the total number of handsets pre-ordered on Verizon has only totaled to 550,000 and not 700,000 which was the estimate of the initial reports.

As a matter of fact, most users who switched to iPhone 4 were previously using either Android or the Blackberry devices and only a meagre percentage switched from AT&T.

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Apple Documents The Differences Between GSM and CDMA iPhone 4

For long now, Apple has been doing only GSM versions of the iPhone. But, the release of Verizon iPhone 4 has seen the advent of the CDMA iPhone 4. In order clear user’s confusions about the differences between GSM and CDMA devices, Apple has now come up with a document detailing the differences in the functionalities of the two devices.

The first and foremost difference between the two devices is with regards to call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting. On the GSM handsets, these features can be turned on or off by going to the Settings panel, while on the CDMA handsets, this has to be done by dialling in a number combination. Another difference is with regards to conference call. On the GSM sets, up to 5 people can connect via conference at once, while the CDMA set allows the numbers of only two users. Pausing a call is possible on the GSM handsets and there is no such option on the CDMA handsets.

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iPhone 4 Wins The Best Mobile Device Award

So, what if Apple did not take part in this year’s Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, it still hogged the limelight. Apple’ iPhone 4 has won the Best Mobile Device Award for the year 2011. This award was announced earlier today at the Mobile World Congress by the Global Mobile Awards. Apple made its presence felt despite being absent from this year’s show beating several other competitors whose smartphones were also considered for the Award.
The judges after awarding Apple the coveted Award commented that the iPhone 4 had a “Great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers. In a tight race, the iPhone 4 built on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smart phones.”

Ironically, rumors are now spreading like wild fire that Steve Jobs looks extremely pale and may not be surviving the next weeks.

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Apple Introduces Jailbreaking Detection Back

If you were just happy that you jailbroke your iPhone using the GreenpoisOn hack iOS 4.2.1 successfully, hang on. There’s a twist in the tale. Apple has apparently introduced a jailbreak detecting API on iOS 4.2.1 which is blocking jailbroken devices from opening ebooks. This inherent API which was supposedly dropped by Apple in iOS 4.0 has found its way back and is blocking the iBooks 1.2.1 app from reading purchased protected DRM content.

The following message is being showed on iOS 4.2.1 devices when trying to open protected DRM content –

“There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone . Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.”

The hacker dev community is quite upset with this move from Apple and has criticised saying that it is beginning to attract many to dislike them. Jailbreaking has been deemed legal, so now we have to wait and see if Apple is going to be sued for not allowing purchased content on a jailbroken device.

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iPhone 5 Posing a Serious Threat to Verizon iPhone 4?

Yes, the queues outside Apple’s stores are getting thinner and thinner. Is it because, the iPhone 5 is out soon or is it because most customers have bought their phones online. When compared to the queues AT&T got to saw outside their stores last year on and after the days the iPhone 4 was released, we can safely say that Verizon has not had any trouble dealing with large numbers in queues as there weren’t any.

Two things that most people are looking forward to this eagerly this summer are the much awaited iPad 2 and a rumored iPhone 5 which would come out on Verizon and AT&T together. So, most Verizon customers are waiting for June month before taking a decision about switching to an iPhone.

Whatever may happen, the pre-release hype that surrounded Verizon iPhone 4 is definitely not happening.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Being Shipped

Good news to all the customers who have pre-ordered the Verizon iPhone 4. Apple has apparently started shipping these handsets and the customers who are on the first order list are going to receive their handsets in the next few days. Apple and Verizon Wireless stated that the phones which were pre-ordered on the 9th of February would be shipped on or after the 18th of February. The shipping orders have already been confirmed and the customers are expected to release their Verizon iPhone 4 handsets on or before the 16th of February.

Apple supposedly stocked up 2 million iPhone 4 units of which a proportion (we still don’t know how much) was allocated to Verizon Wireless. Thanks to the initial day sell out, Apple took the pre-orders a week later and guaranteed that the orders were going to be shipped on or before the 18th.

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iPhones Easily Vulnerable To Hacks

The iPhone that we are using can be cracked and all the passwords and data on the phone can be stolen. All this can happen in less than six minutes time. Wondering how? Two researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute Secure Information Technology, Germany have been able to achieve this feat. These two researchers used a jailbreak on the iPhone and installed an SSH server (a secure shell or a network protocol used for network exchange) after which they ran a script to access the keychain and in under six minutes passwords along with their screen names popped up on their home screen.

Along with the phone’s security, the script used by the researchers was also able to break into one’s Gmail, MS Exchange and the VPN as well and recovered the usernames and passwords asociated with these programs too.

The researchers have suggested to change passwords immediately in case you have to lose the phone. Beware folks.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Is Doing OK, But Not Brilliant Sales

All the pre-release hype of the iPhone 4 on Verizon and the staggering business that trade analysts were predicting it to do has actually come off the boil a bit. Apparently, the Verizon iPhone 4 is doing good but nothing close to the spectacular pre-order sales that were being predicted. Analysts are saying that the queues outside stores in Chicago, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles or New York are smaller when to compared to the queues one got to see outside AT&T stores during summer last year. Although, most stores have reported that the demand for the phones is still steady and and they are expecting to display the “out of stock” board by the end of the day.

Or the lessened queues could be due to the staggering number of pre-ordered sales that one got to saw last week.

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Is Apple Working On A Cheaper iPhone?

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple is apparently working on a new small as well as cheap iPhone in order to compete with Google based Android phones whose low prices are posing a serious threat to the iPhone markets. This present rumor is an extension to the already existing rumor that Apple wants to develop a mini iPhone on the lines of iPod minis. Apparently, someone has already seen the prototype of the smaller iPhone and the reports are that the smaller one is two-thirds in size when compared to its parent phone and the home button is also amiss on the smaller one.

Sources also report that Apple would be selling these phone for 200$ and also there would be no contract commitments attached to this phone.

Watch out Androids!