Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Owners Primarily Women

When Barnes & Noble launched the NOOK Color, not many actually expected the device to be anything more than an also-ran. With more sophisticated devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab vying to be the iPad killer, the NOOK Color was just a NOOK with tablet benefits. But a recent snippet revealed by a company executive shows the NOOK Color does have something unique to itself that is not the case with any of the other tablets in the market. Click on the arrows on the top of this page to read on.

In a recent conversation with a VentureBeat writer, Claudia Romanini Backus; the Director of developer relations at Barnes & Noble indicated that more than 75% of NOOK Color owners were women. That is 3 in 4 users of this tablet.

NOOK Color ownersWhy is this a crucial metric? With most gadgets enjoying a predominantly male demographic, there aren’t too many devices – in the happening tablet segment – where developers can target a female audience. Also, the NOOK Color app market isn’t very big. The store has just around 800 applications for download which provides a massive opportunity for developers building beautiful applications for women to target their audience without much competition.

However, with the launch of the Kindle Fire, the ebook loving female crowd is likely to move to this extremely affordable tablet device from Amazon. That is one area of challenge that Barnes & Noble must fight in order to enhance their visibility and sales in the market.

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