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iOS 4.3 Features List Summary

The much awaited iOS 4.3 is finally expected to be released by Apple this week. Let us have a glimpse at the whole lot of new features that have been introduced in this new version as well as the few changes that occurred in the successive beta releases of the operating system.

Below is the list of new features and changes that have been made in the iOS 4.3 :

1. A personal hotspot (For the iPhone Only) :

This feature allows users to share their iPhone 3G connection simultaneously with 5 mobile devices. This feature can be enabled through the settings app. Already available to the Verizon iPhone users , this feature will be made available to the GSM iPhone users as well.

2. Airplay :

You can wirelessly stream your digital media from the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch to the Apple TV 2G or any other features having airplay enabled. Previously, this feature was made available to many pre-installed applications like Youtube and iPod/Video applications. However iOS 4.3 removes those restrictions by allowing other third party applications, Safari mobile browser and the pre-installed photo application.

3. Side Switch Toggle (For the iPad only.) :

The rotation lock was changed by Apple in the iOS 4.2 to mute switch like the iPhone, however iPad users will now be having an option to select the side switch located at the top right corner as a rotation lock switch or a mute button.

4. Notes to have a new font :

The iOS 4.2 had given users an option to select from only 2 fonts, that is Helvitica and Chalkboard instead of Marker Felt. The iOS 4.3 now replaces the Chalkboard font with the Noteworthy font.

5. Cancel/Delete installing of applications midway :

Users will now be able to cancel downloading applications and delete them midway as the earlier version of the OS only had the option to pause the downloads.

6. Customized alerts for messages (For the iPhone only) :

You can now set the number of times you wish to be alerted for a new sms or mms. The Repeat Alert option has been changed to Play Alert Tone with options for once, twice, 3 times, 5 times and 10 times.

7. A redesigned updates page for the app store :

A new design of the update page for the iPad, iPhone/iPod touch will make installing applications that are already purchased for users a much easier task.

8. A push notification for Ping :

Apple`s social network for music will allow users to setup push notifications thus helping them find out what their favourite artists or friends are up to.

9. Addition of a Wait button :

A new wait button has been added to the Add contact extended keyboard with some of the other buttons reshuffled. Tapping the wait button will add a semicolon to the number.

Here is a screenshot of the Add contact screen in the iOS 4.3

Add Contact

10. Parental controls for Ping :

The iOS 4.3 gives a new parental control for the music based social network of Apple.

11. Location Services Settings :

These settings have been moved to the top level in the settings app instead of moving it under General so as to make it more convenient.

12. Compatibility :

iOS 4.3 will be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 4th and 3rd Generation iPod Touch and the iPad. However it will not be available for the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 2nd Generation thus making the iOS 4.2.1 the last possible update for these devices.

Lets hope and see if Apple promises us with these features and changes in the final release of the iOS 4.3 along with some few additional feautres as well.

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