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Will iPhone 5 Have A Slide-Out Keyboard?

The latest rumor about the iPhone 5 is that Apple is testing a prototype with a keyboard which would apparently slide out. Apple is apparently testing three prototypes, one among which is one with the sliding keyboard. Well, if the rumor which is based on the news from a Taiwanese website were to be true, then Apple could be striking a huge blow at RIM Blackberry. Blackberry users have shown their disinterest in Apple iPhone just for the very fact that Apple lacks a keyboard. Now, if the keyboard were to come along on the iPhone 5, there is every chance that Blackberry would experience a further decline in its market share. The rumor about the prototype which was also tweeted mentions of a hidden keyboard that would slide out when required.

Other improvements in the upcoming iPhone 5 could be a 1GHz processor and better camera (could be 8.1 mega pixel camera) while keeping the rest of the features intact. Let us wait and see.

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