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Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Being Shipped

Good news to all the customers who have pre-ordered the Verizon iPhone 4. Apple has apparently started shipping these handsets and the customers who are on the first order list are going to receive their handsets in the next few days. Apple and Verizon Wireless stated that the phones which were pre-ordered on the 9th of February would be shipped on or after the 18th of February. The shipping orders have already been confirmed and the customers are expected to release their Verizon iPhone 4 handsets on or before the 16th of February.

Apple supposedly stocked up 2 million iPhone 4 units of which a proportion (we still don’t know how much) was allocated to Verizon Wireless. Thanks to the initial day sell out, Apple took the pre-orders a week later and guaranteed that the orders were going to be shipped on or before the 18th.

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