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NGP and PS3 To Complement Each Other

Sony wants to make its PSP 2 or NGP (Next generation Portable) a much wanted addition to its gaming consoles than just be a second fiddle to PS3. At a recent event that was held in UK, Sony has persuaded its game developers to develop cross-platform games that can run on the NGP as well as the PS3 alike. Sony has also announced that all the PS3 games can be played on the new NGP (which will be released sometime this year) without the slightest change in graphics.

According to rumors, NGP can be used over the Wi-Fi to implement cloudsaving, meaning any game that is on standby mode on the PS3 can be accessed on the NGP using Wi-Fi and the game can also be saved. Although many are worried that the launch of several new smartphones could cause a hindrance to NGP, Sony is confident that the HD technology on NGP cannot be touched.

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