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Motorola Xoom – Is It Going To Be a Flash In the Pan?

The launch date of the new Motorola Xoom is nearing – February 24. Motorola Xoom adevrtisement was also launched yesterday at the Super Bowl. The advertisement was a clear dig at Apple’s walled garden and its products. The advertisement promises that Xoom is “The Tablet to Create a Better World“. But, is it really?

For all the people who have watched the advertisement, you might have observed that along the one minute duration of the ad, you mostly see people dressed in white rather than the actual features of Xoom and in what way it is a better tablet when compared to any other. Also, it is being rumored that the Motorola tablet is going to be priced at 800$. Agreed that it has got 32 GB memory, two cameras and 4G LTE, but 800$?

Another flying rumor about Xoom is its Wi-Fi, which according to sources would only function when you subscribe to a Verizon data plan. Hello Moto! How do you plan to create a better world with so many constraints?

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