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Verizon iPhone 4 Online Pre-Orders Ceased

Yes, within 17 hours, Verizon closed its on pre-ordering option on their online store owing to the huge response from customers. According to reports, almost 700,000 users could be awaiting the release of their new iPhones from Verizon. Verizon has reported that this is their biggest and the most successful first day sale of any product in the company’s history. Verizon wireless has also reported that just within the first two hours of the sale itself, previous first day sales records of the store were broken.

When AT&T launched the iPhone 4 last year, the launch inventory was around 1.7 million units. Verizon may well have a launch inventory of 2 million units this year according to the reports of AppleInsider. Well, for now 700,00 is the estimated number of the online pre-orders, but looking at the record breaking sales this could very well be wrong.

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