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Nintendo 3DS Preorder Price – Only 200£

Yes, what you see is true. The <Nintendo 3DS preorder price is going to be 199.99£ at Sainsbury’s. The Nintendo 3DS which many gamers are eagerly looking forward to is the costliest hand held gaming console ever with the price situated at 229£. So, when compared to the original price, Sainsbury’s is doing the console for 30£ less on preorders which is actually a nice bargain on itself. Sainsbury is also rewarding 1000 nectar points on every preordered 3DS console which can be later redeemed in their store.

The 3DS which is being launched on the 25th of March would come with a pair of 3D glasses as well which would take three dimensional gaming to the next level. The Nintendo 3DS will be making use of a Pica 200 3D graphics engine and can run up to the speeds of 400MHz/sec. Also, the screen resolution of this console has been improved dramatically.

Sainsbury has already started taking orders.

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