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Google v Bing – Is Bing Plagiarising?

The Google v Bing thing is getting nastier by day. Google’s search fellow Amit Singhal has tweeted that Bing was simply lifting Google’s results. Well, it can’t get any nastier, can it? Now, Google has accused Microsoft of plagiarising their results – an intellectual property theft which is a very serious crime. Looks like there is going to be a “Social Network” kind of thing brewing between the two giants of computing.

Most would want to argue that this is just a publicity stunt by Google. But, looking ar it from an academic perspective, it can also be intellectual irritation that has prompted Amit Singhal to complain in his tweet. Also, Google is still the leading search engine in the world and still maintains its upper hand over most of its competitors.

May be it’s time that the intellectuals at Miscrosoft should go back to universities again to get lessons about plagiarism.

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